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The Best Uniforms in College Football

When it Comes to College Football Uniforms, Classic Trumps Trendy


At Notre Dame, it's the gold helmets. At Nebraska, it's the understated 'N' logo. At Penn State, it's the simplicity of blue and white, and at Michigan, it's the classic winged helmets.

Great uniforms are built on simplicity—and, of course, tradition.

Not surprisingly, then, college football—a sport that clings to its traditions like no other——is home to some of the most recognizable and, well, coolest uniforms in all of sports. Here, I run down my picks for the ten best uniforms in college football. And no, you won't see Oregon on this list.

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LSU TigersNo. 10: LSU TigersArmy footballNo. 9: Army Black KnightsNebraska footballNo. 8: Nebraska CornhuskersAuburn footballNo. 7: Auburn Tigers
Alabama footballNo. 6: Alabama Crimson TideJimmy Clausen Notre DameNo. 5: Notre Dame Fighting IrishColt McCoy Texas LonghornsNo. 4: Texas LonghornsTerrelle Pryor Ohio StateNo. 3: Ohio State Buckeyes
Penn State footballNo. 2: Penn State Nittany LionsMichigan footballNo. 1: Michigan Wolverines
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