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Spurrier Responds to Swinney, Heats Up Carolina-Clemson Rivalry

Steve Spurrier took some time out of his busy schedule to poke some fun at his in-state rivals over at Clemson.

USC, 'Bama to Open 2016 Season

Alabama will play USC in the 2016 Cowboys Classic.

Three Questions: Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Three questions about the 2014 Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Three Questions: Purdue Boilermakers

Three questions about the 2014 Purdue Boilermakers.

Three Questions: Minnesota Golden Gophers

Three questions about the 2014 Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Three Questions: Iowa Hawkeyes

Three questions about the 2014 Iowa Hawkeyes.

Welcome to the New (and Confusing) College Football Playoff

Details on how voting and rankings will work under the new College Football Playoff.

Big Ten Statement on O'Bannon v. NCAA

The Big Ten's statement about the O'Bannan v. NCAA case.

NCAA Statement on O'Bannon Case

The NCAA's statement after the conclusion of arguments in the O'Bannon v. NCAA case.

O’Bannon vs. NCAA: Opinions and Reaction

Opinion about and reaction to the O'Bannon v. NCAA trial in June of 2014.

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