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Heisman Trophy Winners by School

Which College Programs Claim the Most Heisman Trophy Winners?


Jameis Winston Heisman

Jameis Winston became Florida State's third Heisman winner in 2013.

(Getty Images)
In theory, the Heisman Trophy is supposed to be given each year to the best college football player in America, no matter where he plays.

But as the list below suggests, it certainly helps when you play for a powerhouse program.

Three of the game's most storied programs—Notre Dame, Ohio State and USC—top the nation with a remarkable seven Heisman Trophy winners each. History-rich Oklahoma, which saw quarterback Sam Bradford take home the trophy in 2008, is next with five trophies.

The complete list of Heisman wins by school follows:

Heisman Trophy Winners by School

Notre Dame: 7
Ohio State: 7 (Note: Though Ohio State has won seven trophies, the school has just six winners, as Archie Griffin won the award twice)
USC: 7
Oklahoma: 5
Army: 3
Florida: 3
Michigan: 3
Nebraska: 3
Auburn: 3
Florida State: 3
Georgia: 2
Miami: 2
Navy: 2
Texas: 2
Texas A&M: 2
Wisconsin: 2
Yale: 2
Baylor: 1
BYU: 1
Boston College: 1
Colorado: 1
Chicago: 1
Houston: 1
Iowa: 1
LSU: 1
Minnesota: 1
Oklahoma State: 1
Oregon State: 1
Penn State: 1
Pittsburgh: 1
Princeton: 1
South Carolina: 1
SMU: 1
Stanford: 1
Syracuse: 1
TCU: 1
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