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Winningest College Football Programs of the 1990s


Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden led Florida State to 109 wins in the 1990s.

(Getty Images)
It was the last true dynasty in college football: Florida State in the 1990s.

Coach Bobby Bowden’s Seminoles were the unquestioned kings of college football that decade, dominating the ACC, claiming two national championships and posting a better winning percentage (.890) than any other team in the nation. Only mighty Nebraska (.868) was close to matching the Seminoles' success.

Here, we take a look at the top 10 winningest programs (by winning percentage) in college football between 1990-1999.

1. Florida State: 109-13-1 .(890)
2. Nebraska: 108-16-1 (.868)
3. Marshall: 114-25-0 (.820)
4. Florida: 102-22-1 (.820)
5. Tennessee: 99-22-2 (.813)
6. Penn State: 97-26-0 (.789)
7. Michigan: 93-26-3 (.775)
8. Miami (FL): 92-27-0 (.773)
9. Texas A&M: 94-28-2 (.766)
10. Ohio State: 91-30-3 (.746)

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