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College Football Rivalries

No sport clings to its rivalries, or celebrates them, quite like college football. Fans at Ohio State and Michigan, Auburn and Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas and so many other schools love their own teams almost as much as they love to hate their rival. In this category, we look at some of the game's most important, unique and bitter rivalry games.

Spurrier Responds to Swinney, Heats Up Carolina-Clemson Rivalry
Steve Spurrier took some time out of his busy schedule to poke some fun at his in-state rivals over at Clemson.

From Happy Valley to Columbus: How Larry Johnson Ended Up a
How Larry Johnson, longtime Penn State assistant, ended up coaching for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Name the Best Rivalry in College Football
Name the Best Rivalry in College Football

Alabama vs. Auburn: The Iron Bowl
Ohio State-Michigan may have the hype. Army-Navy may have the pageantry. But when it comes to good old-fashioned football hatred, there may be no rivalry in college football that can match Alabama-Auburn.

The Best Rivalries in College Football: 2009 Edition
Here, we rank the top 10 rivalries in college football right now, taking into account both historical significance and current relevance.

Texas vs. Oklahoma: The Red River Rivalry
First played in 1900, the annual showdown between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners—known far and wide as the Red River Rivalry—has become one of college football's best and most bitter rivalries.

Florida vs. Georgia: The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party
They call it The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." And as great as that nickname is, the on-the-field action of the Florida-Georgia rivalry has been even better.

Ohio State vs. Michigan
Ohio State and Michigan have been battling for Midwest bragging rights -- and Big Ten titles -- for well over a century. Their annual November showdown is as bitter as a rivalry can get.

The Iron Bowl: Alabama vs. Auburn
In the state of Alabama, and possibly the entire South, no single sporting event is more important than the Iron Bowl -- the game that many college football fans say is the very best rivalry in the game.

The Apple Cup: Washington vs. Washington State
The annual battle between the University of Washington and Washington State may not get much attention nationally, but it's one of the nastiest, and best, rivalries in college football.

The Biggest Little Game in America: Amherst vs. Williams
Williams College President Zephaniah Swift Moore resigned from his post in 1818 after a nasty spat with state legislators. Then he convinced several Williams faculty and students to join him in founding a new college called Amherst. Just like that, the Williams-Amherst was born -- and it's been raging ever since.

USC, 'Bama to Open 2016 Season
Alabama will play USC in the 2016 Cowboys Classic.

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