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College Football National Champion Teams

Each year, the nation's more than 100 college football programs aim for a single goal: The national championship. In this category, we give you a complete overview of all the sport's national champions.
  1. Great Championship Games (5)

2012 College Football Preseason Top 25
The Alabama Crimson Tide enter the 2013 college football season as favorites to win yet another national title.

2010-2011 BCS National Championship Game Preview
As we look ahead to the 2011 BCS National Championship Game—a game that is sure to be one of the most entertaining title games we’ve seen in years—one thing is certain: Oregon and Auburn have earned their way into this game not through bruising, disciplined defense, but rather through outlandishly effective offense.

2009 BCS National Championship Game Preview
All season long, the story of college football has the back-and-forth tug of war for respect between the Big 12 and SEC. So it’s only fitting that the season finale—Florida vs. Oklahoma for the national championship—will settle the debate.

All-Time Associated Press National Champions
Because it is not part of the Bowl Championship Series formula, the Associated Press college football poll no longer has any bearing on which team is named national champion. But the long-running AP poll still carries some cache. And with good reason: For decades, the AP poll was the final world on college football rankings. Being named the AP’s No. 1 meant being named national champion.

College Football's BCS National Champions
The Bowl Championship Series hasn’t always worked perfectly, though there’s no denying that it’s done exactly what it promised: Decide the national championship on the field. See the complete list of each of college football’s BCS-era national champions here.

USA Today College Football National Champions
The USA Today Coaches Poll wasn't always a coaches poll. In fact, upon its launch in 1982, the poll was a partnership of USA Today and ESPN, and like the Associated Press poll, was based on the votes of sportswriters.

College Football National Champions: The Complete List
In the very first year college football was played, the national championship was split between two schools -- Rutgers and Princeton. Finding a true national champion has a challenge ever since. Here, we look at all of college football's national champions. There's more than you might think.

All-Time Division II College Football Champions
A complete list of each of the champions of college football's Division II.

Most Division I-AA College Football Championships
Since 1978, college football's Division I-AA (now called the Football Championship Subdivision) has crowned its champion with an actual playoff. And no school has won more of those championships than Georgia Southern.

All-Time Division III College Football Champions
A complete list of each of the champions of college football's Division III.

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