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NCAA Career Sack Leaders

At ASU, Suggs Was Unstoppable


Terrell Suggs

Terrell Suggs is the NCAA's all-time sack leader.

(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

In the early 2000s, there was one player that no Pac-10 quarterback wanted to see lined up across the line of scrimmage: Terrell Suggs.

In just three years at Arizona State, the defensive end registered an incredible 44 quarterback sacks, setting the NCAA career record in the process.

The rest of the NCAA’s all-time sack leaders are listed here.

Terrell Suggs, Arizona State (2000-02): 44 career sacks
Jason Babin, Western Michigan (2000-03): 38
Bill Swancutt, Oregon State (2001-04): 37.0
David Pollack, Georgia (2001-04): 36
Dan Bazuin, Central Michigan (2003-06): 35.5
Bruce Miller, UCF (2007-02): 35.5
Shaun Phillips, Purdue (2000-03): 33.5
Philip Hunt, Houston (2005-08): 33.5
Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue (2007-10): 33.5
Von Miller, Texas A&M (2007-10): 33.0

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