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College Football's All-Time Career Rushing Touchdown Leaders

Wisconsin's Montee Ball Tops the List


Ron Dayne Wisconsin
(Tom Hauck/Getty Images) Travis Prentice Miami of Ohio
(Chris Covatta/Getty Images)
Ron Dayne is almost certainly the most famous tailback in Wisconsin football history. But he's not the most prolific Wisconsin tailback when it comes to one important category: Rushing touchdowns.

Rather, that title goes to Badger star Montee Ball, who rushed for 77 touchdowns during his time in Madison.

The top 10 all-time rushing touchdown leaders in college football history are listed here.

Montee Ball, Wisconsin (2009-2012): 77 career rushing touchdown
Travis Prentice, Miami (Ohio) (1996-99): 73 s
Ricky Williams, Texas (1995-98): 72
Anthony Thompson, Indiana (1986-89): 64
Cedric Benson, Texas (2001-04): 64
Ron Dayne, Wisconsin (1996-99): 63
Eric Crouch, Nebraska (1998-01): 59
Colin Kaepernick, Nevada (2007-10): 59
Ian Johnson, Boise State (2005-2008): 58
Marshall Faulk, San Diego State (1991-93): 57

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