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Readers Respond: What's Your Preseason Top 10?

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Non bcs teams

It's all about the sec and you guys know it.1st of all why is boise number 1.They are going to lose to va tech the second they step onto the field.2nd of all why dosent the teams in the mac and other non bcs confereces schedule a game with the bcs teams(off topic). They have just as much potential as the bcs. We all saw what happened when appalachin state beat michigan(I still cant believe what happeened).I know there are some games like that but not alot.Who wouldn't like to see temple vs washington or buffalo vs michigan(michigan loses). Im still only a child but I still know a littlle bit about college football.
—Guest Sec and Mac fan


Lok out for ND, one of these days they will be back
—Guest Irish

Yeah you are dumb abskfjsk

What about Alabama losing to Utah 31-17 two years ago. duh, duh, duh.
—Guest Rockin Eric

uh BYU?!?

uh BYU?!? Typical rebuilding year where pollsters put BYU at the bottom of the top 25 (or out of it completely in this case) then they slowly climb into the top 20 - 15 - 10, 8 and even with an undefeated record are denied consideration for nat championship. *yawn! Playoff System PLEASE!
—Guest Matt F

dumb people

you people are all stupid. tennessee sucks this year stop trying to put them in the top 25, although all the sec teams deserve a spot in it haha, boise is a joke, just ask cinci about playing against the sec. but bama wont repeat, they will lose to auburn, arkansas, and south carolina. the only three loses for them
—Guest ahskfjsk


Ok all these people on here against boise stop moaning and groaning I have followed many teams granted boise has a weak schedule some years that stats of each game shows that they are a good team period! Stats make the evidence you all know this! I have faith in boise people need to learn to let a smaller team have a chance there is a reason why no one will call boise state back to schedule and game in 2011-2012
—Guest Nick nick

this thing is a joke

Did they close their eyes and pick ? LOL Will bama repeat. I don't know but I don't think so...it's possible but very hard to do. Bosie number 1 i doubt it, texas won't finish in the top five. Watch out for K_state in the big twelve, Oklahoma will play in the big twelve championship game , against K-state. Texas won't finish in the top ten. USC not ready to be in top ten. TCU is good will they be in top ten ?To many prospects of good teams and then you have the injury bug, that always gets in the way. I would say there are at least 10 tems capable of winning national championship.


You are forgetting about the number one offense in the ACC last year and not to mention a top 5 heisman favorite behind center. Bobby the beloved is gone and Jimbo has free reign. Atleast give us a 25 spot in your "pole". Are you really taking PAC-10-PAC12 whatever teams seriously? C'mon, its laughable just like Boise is #1.

Boise #1?

You saying that Boise has proven themselves as a BCS title contender is ridiculous. How have they proved themselves? By beating TCU? TCU in anyone's eyes also had a lot to prove in that game, neither of those teams are good enough to be in a major conference, nor are they anywhere near a national title.
—Guest ChuckDownfield

Houston thought they had the best offen

Huge hog fan but sec to tough! Probly will falter somewhere, but gonna b a fun team to watch. I remember when bsu came to Fayetteville and lost 40 something to six there only loss that season still finished higher than hogs in rankings which makes as much sense as being ranked #1 n this irrelevant poll. Better believe hogs will b playin for it all this year!!! Missouri who?
—Guest Hogs goin undefeated


I think Hokies deserve to be top 5 there returning tyrod and Ryan Willams .Were going to return as the acc champs in 2O1O. We have a shot at a run for the title. If u dont agree u dont no football we own the acc Boise there out after tech knocks them off.My championion ship game has Alabama Viginia Tech rematch we played a tough game against them last year we can beat em GO HOKIES

Boise #1?! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

No one will take this seriously after reading the #1 spot. Was this published on April 1st or something? Boise State will lose to VT.
—Guest Billy Willy

go vols

vols should be at least number 25 some people have the university of houston in the top 25 i think tennessee could easily beat houston im a big tennessee fan i think tennessee should be a higher rank
—Guest volfan97


Alabama had nothing to play for when they lost to Utah 31-17 in the Allstate sugar bowl on Jan.2 2009? I hate it when people make excuses for their teams poor performance. Alabama lost to a better team that year, Utah finished 13-0. Florida had the same situation last year and they played lights out in the bowl game. This is why I say that how great the southeast hillbilly conference has done good lately but will be on the way out eventually. Look at history, Southern Cal dominated in the early 2000 era. Nebraska and Florida State dominated in the 90"s. Miami was a powerhouse in the 80"s. These things have an ebb and flo.
—Guest Rockin Eric

cougfan and bsufan

cougfan really? bama did want to win the game but had no desire once we lost the sec. We had nothing to play for. Sorry if it was for the nat. champ it would have been different. Bsufan if you watched the game you would have seen alabama go into conservative run it up the middle and stop the run mode. We dared gilbert to beat us and he almost did. McElroy had cracked ribs and still won. Sorry colt was more worried about his NFL career than he was the title
—Guest bamaguy

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