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College Football's Worst Uniforms

Does Anyone Wear Worse Duds than the Ducks?


College football boasts some of the greatest and most tradition-laden uniforms in all of sports.

And then there are Oregon's uniforms.

Nike Chairman Phil Knight, an Oregon alum, has poured millions into the Ducks program. Unfortunately, he's also decided to outfit them, and his company's creations—multi-colored, super-modern, and sometimes feathered—have become famous simply by virtue of being ridiculously ugly.

But are Oregon's uniforms truly the worst college football has to offer? Find out here, as we count down the top 10 worst uniforms in college football.

Images 1-10 of 10
Boise State No. 10: Boise State BroncosVirginia Tech HokiesNo. 9: Virginia Tech HokiesCal BearsNo. 8: Cal BearsWisconsin BadgersNo. 7: Wisconsin Badgers
Oklahoma State CowboysOklahoma State CowboysNo. 6: Oklahoma State CowboysTexas Tech No. 5: Texas Tech Red RaidersTCU Horned FrogsNo. 4: TCU Horned FrogsOregon State BeaversNo. 3: Oregon State Beavers
Oregon DucksNo. 2: Oregon DucksToledo RocketsNo. 1: Toledo Rockets

Readers Respond: The Worst Uniforms in College Football

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