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Winningest College Football Programs of the 1950s


Oklahoma Sooners mascot

Oklahoma fans had plenty to cheer about in the 1950s.

(Getty Images)
To say Oklahoma dominated college football in the 1950s would be an understatement.

No program in the nation was anywhere near as good as the Sooners were during their remarkable run from 1950-1959. Under the leadership of the legendary Bud Wilkinson, the Sooners racked up a 93-10-2 record in the 1950s, good enough for an overall winning percentage of .895. They won 13 more games than anyone else in the nation during that span—not to mention three national championships.

Mississippi was second-best in the 1950s, with an 80-21-5 record (.778).

Here, we list the Top 10 winningest college football programs of the 1950s, ranked by winning percentage.

1. Oklahoma: 93-10-2 .895
2. Mississippi: 80-21-5 .778
3. Michigan State: 70-21-1 .766
4. Princeton: 67-22-1 .750
5. Georgia Tech: 79-26-6 .739
6. UCLA: 68-26-3 .716
7. Ohio State: 63-24-5 .712
8. Tennessee: 71-31-4 .692
9. Penn State: 62-28-4 .681
10. Maryland: 67-31-3 .678

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