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College Football Rules And Regulations

New to college football? Wondering how college football rules are different than those in the pro game? You're in the right place. In this category, we explain the the basic rules of the game.

Northwestern Football Players Win Right to Unionize

Northwestern Football Players Make Move to Unionize
In late January of 2014 players at Northwestern University announced that they were moving forward with an effort to be officially represented by a labor union.

Northwestern, NCAA Respond to Football Unionization Effort
After football players at the school were given the right to unionize by the National Labor Relations Board, Northwestern University and the NCAA issued statements opposing the decision.

Key Highlights: The Northwestern Football Labor Ruling

Reaction: Northwestern Football Players Win Right to Unionize
Reaction from around the country to the National Labor Relations Board ruling that gave Northwestern football players the right to unionize.

Oversigning: College Football's Hidden Problem
Oversigning has long been one of the controversial topics in college football. Recently, it's become one of the most talked about, too.

What is a National Letter of Intent?
Before getting a scholarship, top football recruits must sign a document called a National Letter of Intent. But what exactly does this document do? Find out here.

2010-2011 NCAA Football Recruiting Calendar
The 2010-2011 NCAA Division I Football Recruiting Calendar lets college coaches know when they're allowed, or not allowed, to contact high school recruits.

College Football Rules and Regulations
From the NCAA, a comprehensive review of all of the rules and regulations of college football. The site includes updates on all of the most recent rules changes.

Introduction to College Football Rules
A one-page primer on the basic rules of college football.

College Football Rules Q&A
For beginners, a question-and-answer session explaining how college football is played.

Time-Clock Rule Change for 2008
Read all about the NCAA's latest attempt to speed up the pace of college football, while at the same time not drastically reducing the number of plays in each game.

Oversigning in college football - Should oversigning be stopped? - NCAA...
Nick Saban does it. Houston Nutt and Les Miles, too. But the question increasingly being asked by college football fans is this: Should...

Oversigning in College Football: Should It Be Stopped?
Oversigning has long been one of the controversial topics in college football. Recently, it's become one of the most talked about, too.

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