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Longest-Running Rivalries In College Football


(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
The all-time longest rivalry in college football isn’t Harvard-Yale. It isn’t Ohio State-Michigan. It’s not even Army-Navy.

No, the longest rivalry in college football is a small-school series between two schools that most college football fans know almost nothing about.

Lehigh University (located in Bethlehem, Pa.) and Lafayette College (located in Easton, Pa.) have met every year since 1884—a total of 145 meetings. That makes the Lehigh-Lafayette series the longest in any division of college football.

But what are the longest continuous rivalry series in every division of college football? Well, find out here.

Football Bowl Subdivision: Minnesota-Wisconsin (119 games, first meeting in 1890); Minnesota leads 59-52-8

Football Championship Subdivision: Lafayette-Lehigh (145 games, first meeting in 1884); Lafayette leads 76-64-5

Division II: Emporia St.-Washburn (106 games, first meeting in 1899); Emporia State leads 51-49-6 record

Division III: Williams-Amherst (124 games, first meeting in 1881); Williams leads 70-49-5)

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