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College Football's BCS National Champions


LSU Ohio State

LSU knocked off Ohio State to win the 2007 BCS Championship.

(Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
The Bowl Championship Series was created in 1998 to match college football’s No. 1 team against its No. 2 team for the national championship.

The system hasn’t always worked perfectly, though there’s no denying that it’s done exactly what it promised: Decide the national championship on the field.

Below is the list of each of the college football’s BCS-era national champions:

1998: Tennessee

1999: Florida State

2000: Oklahoma

2001: Miami (Florida)

2002: Ohio State

2003: LSU

2004: USC

2005: Texas

2006: Florida

2007: LSU

2008: Florida

2009: Alabama

2010: Auburn

2011: Alabama

2012: Alabama

2013: Florida State

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