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Most Tackles in a Season

Originally a Defensive End, Texas Tech's Flugence Made His Mark at Linebacker


Lawrence Flugence

Lawrence Flugence made 193 tackles during his senior season at Texas Tech.

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Lawrence Flugence started his college football career as a defensive end. Then, during his sophomore season at Texas Tech, he moved to linebacker.

It's safe to say this was a good move.

Flugence not only won the starting inside linebacker job that season for the Red Raiders, but also quickly established himself as a star. He led the Big 12 in tackles during his sophomore season with 154, then followed that up with 145 tackles his junior year. It was his senior season, though, that was truly remarkable: During that 2002 campaign, Flugence registered 193 tackles, setting the all-time NCAA record for most tackles in a season.

Below is the list of the top 10 single-season tacklers in college football history.

Lawrence Flugence, Texas Tech (2002): 193 tackles
Josh Buhl, Kansas St. (2003): 184
Tom Ward, Toledo (2002): 180
Jimmy Cottrell, New Mexico St. (2005): 179
E.J. Henderson, Maryland (2002): 175
John Leake, Clemson (2002): 169
Hunter Hillenmeyer, Vanderbilt (2002): 168
Byron Hardmon, Florida (2002): 168
Nick Greisen, Wisconsin (2001): 167
Rodney Thomas, Clemson (2002): 167

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