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Most Receiving Yards in a Season

Nevada's Insley Tops the List


Trevor Insley

Trevor Insley, seen here in his days with the Indianpolis Colts, enjoyed a hugely successful college career at Nevada.

(Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)

In his career at the University of Nevada between 1996 and 1999, Trevor Insley compiled what might be considered the best resume of any receiver in the history of the game.

Included among his accomplishments is the record for most receiving yards in a single season.

Here, we list the top 10 leaders in single-season receiving yards in college football history.

Trevor Insley, Nevada: (1999) 134 catches, 2,060 yards
Troy Edwards, Louisiana Tech: (1998) 140 catches, 1,996 yards
Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech: (2007) 134 catches, 1,962 yards
Jordan White, Western Michigan (2011): 140 catches, 1,911 yards
Greg Sales, Hawaii (2010): 119 catches, 1,898 yards
Alex Van Dyke, Nevada (1995): 129 catches, 1,854 yards
Terrance Williams, Baylor (2012): 97 catches, 1,832 yards
J.R. Tolver, San Diego State (2002): 128 catches, 1,785 yards
Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State (2010): 111 catches, 1,782 yards
Donario Alexander, Missouri (2009): 113 catches, 1,781 yards

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