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Most Rushing Yards in a Season by Quarterback


Beau Morgan
(Getty Images)
It should come as no surprise that the record for most rushing yards in a single season by a college quarterback is held by Beau Morgan, an Air Force alum.

The Falcons have consistently fielded one of the most dangerous rushing attacks in college football over the years, and as a rule, those rushing attacks have been paced by the quarterback. In fact, while Morgan is tops in single-season rushing yards by a quarterback, he’s not the only Air Force grad who cracks the top 10.

That top 10 breaks down as follows

Beau Morgan, Air Force (1996): 225 carries, 1,494 yards, 18 touchdowns
Stacey Robinson, Northern Ill. (1989): 223 carries, 1,443 yards, 19 touchdowns
Joe Webb, UAB (2009): 227 carries, 1,427 yards, 11 touchdowns
Jammal Lord, Nebraska (2002): 251 carries, 1,412 8 touchdowns
Brad Smith, Missouri (2003): 212 carries 1,406 yards, 18 touchdowns
Chris McCoy, Navy (1997): 246 carries, 1,370 yards, 20 touchdowns
Julian Edelman, Kent State (2008): 215 carries, 1,370 yards, 13 touchdowns
Patrick White, West Virginia (2007): 197 carries, 1,335 yards, 14 touchdowns
Dee Dowis, Air Force (1987): 194 carries, 1,315 yards, 10 touchdowns
Brian Mitchell, La.-Lafayette (1989): 237 carries, 1,311 yards, 19 touchdowns

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