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Most Career Rushing Yards by a Quarterback

West Virginia's White Tops the List


Pat White
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Rich Rodriguez got an awful lot of credit—and justifiably so—for his tremendous success at West Virginia. But one has to wonder if Rodriguez would have won nearly as much in Morgantown without the great Pat White.

In a spectacular four-year career with the Mountaineers, White established himself as one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time. He also rewrote the NCAA record book.

By the time he left Morgantown after the 2008 season, White had rushed for an amazing 4,480 yards in his college career, more than any other quarterback in college football history.

Which other quarterbacks rank in the Top 10 of all time for rushing? Find out here.

Pat White, West Virginia (2005-08): 684 carries, 4,480 yards
Brad Smith, Missouri (2002-05) 799 carries, 4,289 yards
Antwaan Randle El, Indiana (1998-01) 857 carries, 3,895 yards
Joshua Cribbs, Kent St. (2001-04) 632 carries, 3,670 yards
Dee Dowis, Air Force (1986-89) 543 carries, 3,612 yards
Kareem Wilson, Ohio (1995-98) 885 carries, 3,597 yards
Eric Crouch, Nebraska (1998-01) 648 carries, 3,434 yards
Chris McCoy, Navy (1995-97) 682 carries, 3,401 yards
Beau Morgan, Air Force (1994-96) 594 carries, 3,379 yards
Brian Mitchell, La.-Lafayette (1986-89) 678 carries, 3,335 yards

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