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College football celebrates its history and treasures its traditions more than any other sport. Here, we explore some of the game's most time-honored rituals, take a look at the all-time record book and examine some of the greatest players, coaches and teams in college football history.
  1. Traditions
  2. The Best of the Best: College Football's Greatest
  3. College Football Record Book
  4. College Football Awards


Notre Dame band

Howard's Rock. War Eagle. Touchdown Jesus. The Little Brown Jug. Here, explore some of college football's greatest, weirdest and most beloved traditions.

The Best of the Best: College Football's Greatest

Paterno and Bowden

The winningest programs of all time. The winningest coaches of all time. The greatest teams of all time. Read about college football's champions and icons here.

College Football Record Book

Reggie Bush

Find out which players, and which teams, hold some of the most important records in college football history.

College Football Awards

Glenn Dorsey

The Heisman Award is the most famous award in college football. But it's hardly the only one. Read up on the sport's many other trophies and honors here.

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