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NCAA Career Tackling Leaders

McGarigle's 545 Career Stops Tops the List


Tim McGarigle

Tim McGarigle is the NCAA's all-time tackling leader.

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In the early and mid-2000s, the Northwestern defense was anchored by steady linebacker Tim McGarigle. In his four years with the Wildcats, McGarigle racked up 545 career tackles—more than any other defender in college football history.

The rest of college football’s all-time leading tacklers are listed here.

Tim McGarigle, Northwestern (2002-05): 545
Luke Keuchly, Boston College (2009-11): 532
Rod Davis, Southern Miss (2000-03): 526
Marcus McGraw, Houston (2008-11): 510
Justin Beriault, Ball State (2001-04): 508
Ryan Fowler, Duke: (2000-03): 495
Grant Wiley, West Virginia (2000-03): 492
Matt Pusateri, Miami (Ohio) (2001-04): 485
Thomas Keith, Central Michigan (2004-07): 474
Nick Bellore, Centrral Michigan (2007-10): 472

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