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NCAA Career Interception Leaders


Jim Leonhard

Wisconsin's Jim Leonhard intercepted 21 passes between 2001 and 2004.

(Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Most college football records tend to favor recent history. The record for career interceptions bucks the trend.

The all-time leader in this category played his college ball between 1950 and 1952. His name was Al Brosky, and he played for Illinois. More interestingly, nobody in recent history has challenged him. In fact, you have to way down the list to find anyone who has even come close to equaling Brosky’s success in recent years: Wisconsin’s Jim Leonhard picked off 21 passes between 2001 and 2004.

The rest of college football’s all-time interceptions leaders are listed here.

Al Worley, Washington (1968): 14 interceptions, 130 return yards
George Shaw, Oregon (1951): 13 inteceptions, 136 yards
Hank Rich, Arizona State (1950): 12 interceptions, 135 yards
Bill Albrecht, Washington (1951): 12 interceptions, 140 yards
Frank Polito, Villanova (1971): 12 interceptions, 261 yards
Terry Hoage, Georgia (1982): 12 interceptions, 51 yards
Tony Thurman, Boston College (1984): 12 interceptions, 99 yards
Bob Navarro, Eastern Michigan (1989): 12 interceptions, 73 yards
Cornelius Price, Houston (1989): 12 interceptions, 187 yards
Terrell Buckley, Florida State (1991): 12 interceptions, 238 yards

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