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History of the Game

No American sport has thrilled fans as long as college football. In this category, we offer a quick overview, as well as as some interesting historical exhibits, about a sport that began way back in 1869 on a field in New Jersey, and has since grown into a sporting phenomenon.
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Questions & Answers About the College Football Playoff
Questions and Answers About the College Football Playoff System

A Decade-By-Decade Breakdown: College Football's Winningest Teams
College football is sport dominated by its traditional powers. Through the years, those powerhouse programs have generally remained locked into the Top 25, owned the New Year's Day bowl games and, of course, dominated the race for the national title. But not even college football's bluebloods are immune to a bad decade. Through the years,...

College Football All-Decade Team: The 2000s
Who makes the cut for the About.com College Football All-Decade Team? Find out here.

Colleges That Dropped Major College Football
Big-time college football isn’t for everybody.

Top 10 Games of the Decade
What were the top 10 college football games of the past decade? Find out here.

2009 College Football Preview - 2009 College Football Season Preview
The 2009 college football season is right around the corner. Here in our season preview, read up on the top teams and players, the best games to watch, the Heisman Trophy candidates and much more.

Follow the Season: College Football 2008
The 2008 college football season is finally here, and you can follow it from start to finish here with About.com's one-stop guide to the 2008 season. About.com college football writer Tim Hyland offers up conference previews, player profiles and more, along with his About.com Top 25 and Conference Power Rankings--each of which is updated weekly.

The College Football Hall of Fame
The official site of the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana, where the greats of the game are honored.

History of College Footbal
From Wikipedia, a brief history of the development of American college football.

The First Game: Rutgers vs. Princeton
On Nov. 6, 1869, teams from Rutgers and Princeton gathered at College Field in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to play a game that probably didn't look much like modern football. But historians agree: It was the first college football game ever played.

ESPN's Greatest College Football Players of All Time
From ESPN, a list of the 25 greatest players in college football history -- from Red Grange to Vince Young.

Before the BCS: The Bowl Coalition
It's largely been forgotten by the college football-watching public, but before the arrival of the BCS, college football had an even less effective bowl placement system. It was called the Bowl Coalition -- and it was flawed from the start.

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