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NCAA Football Conferences

Looking for information about the conferences that make up NCAA football? In this category, we offer an overview of the Big Ten and PAC-10, the SEC and ACC, the Mountain West and Conference USA -- and all the rest, too.
  1. 2008 Conference Previews (6)
  2. 2009 Conference Previews (10)
  3. 2010 Conference Previews (7)
  4. The Era of the Superconference (3)

Urban Meyer's 2013 Big Ten Media Address
In advance of the 2013 football season, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer spoke to the media--and spent more time talking about off-the-field issues than football.

Bill O'Brien's 2013 Big Ten Media Address
As he prepared for his second year in charge in Happy Valley, Penn State's Bill O'Brien talked about the continuing challenges of the NCAA sanctions facing his program, the possibility of starting a freshman quarterback and more.

Jim Delany's 2012 Big Ten Football Address
In his 2013 football preseason address, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany talked about the state the NCAA, the possibility of paying players and more.

A Conversation with MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher
Jon Steinbrecher’s vision for the Mid-American Conference includes more wins over BCS automatic-qualifier-level opponents, more conference teams in the Top 25—even the Top 15—and, of course, more bowl appearances (and yes, that includes BCS bowl appearances).

A Look Back: Big Ten Expansion, Pac-10 Expansion & Conference
2010 will go down in history as college football's Year of Expansion. Here, we take a look back at one of the most intriguing stories in recent college football history.

2010 Pac-10 Burning Questions
USC is careening toward probation-induced misery. Oregon can’t keep its players out of trouble. So the big question about the Pac-10 in 2010 is pretty darn obvious: Who in the world is going to actually win this league?

2010 Big 12 Burning Questions
For three years now, we've been told by the national experts that the Big 12 is every bit as good, every bit as deep and every bit as talented as the SEC. That may have been the case in 2008. But it wasn't the case in 2009. And it's most definitely not the case in 2010.

2010 ACC Burning Questions
Ah, the ACC. I still don t know what to make of you. Your traditional powers (Florida State, Miami) aren t all that powerful. Your Carolina schools (figure it out, folks) never seem to be anything more than average. Your best program (Georgia Tech) doesn t get nearly enough press, if only because of those guys up in Blacksburg. And then there's Clemson. Don't even get me started on Clemson.

2010 Big East Football Preview - Who Will Win the Big East in 2010?
Who will win the Big East in 2010? Give your take here!

2010 Big Ten Burning Questions
After enduring heavy criticism for three long years, the Big Ten showed up big-time during the 2009-2010 bowl season, notching four wins over Top 15 opponents. But will the Big Ten have another big year in 2010?

Your Opinion: Who Will Win the Big Ten in 2010?
Terrelle Pryor's time has come. The Buckeye junior appears poised to lead Ohio State to another Big Ten title in 2010. But can the Buckeyes stave off challenges from Iowa, Wisconsin and Penn State? Share your opinion on who will win the Big Ten in 2010 here!

2010 SEC Burning Questions
No more Tim Tebow. Florida's all-everything quarterback dominated discussion about the SEC for the past four years, and justifiably so: He was the league's best player since. Herschel Walker. But here's the thing, folks: Even though Tebow is finally gone, he's still a big story in the SEC.

The Sun Belt Conference
The Sun Belt Conference has been a survivor on the fringes of big-time college football for the past three-and-a-half decades.

Your Opinion: Who Will Win the SEC in 2010?
Nick Saban is building a powerhouse Alabama, Arkansas is on the rise under Bobby Petrino and Florida looks loaded even without Tim Tebow. So who will win the SEC in 2010? Give your take here!

2010 Big East Burning Questions
These are nervous times for fans of Big East football.

2009 Pac-10 Games Worth Watching
For nearly a decade now, Pete Carroll and the Trojans have utterly dominated the Pac-10, and so the obvious question as we approach the 2009 season is this: Will anyone finally bring this streak to an end? Well, no. Probably not.

2009 Big 12 Games Worth Watching
Oklahoma and Texas. Texas and Oklahoma. They’re the story in the Big 12 in 2009, right? Well, not exactly. Not if you know anything about the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

2009 ACC Games Worth Watching
The ACC might be the most competitive conference in the country. Here, we look at the games that will shape the conference's championship race in 2009.

2009 SEC Games Worth Watching
Here, we take a look at the games that figure to shape the SEC title chase in 2009.

2009 Big Ten Games Worth Watching
Here, we take a look at the best games in the Big Ten for 2009.

2009 Big East Games Worth Watching
The Big East has taken some ribbing over the years. Well, I’ve got some bad news, Big East fans: This year, the ribbing may reach new levels. And it may be justified, too. Here, we look at the games that will shape an ugly year in the Northeast.

The Big Ten Conference
The Big Ten Conference clings to tradition like no other conference in the sport. Which may explain why it held onto its long-time name, even though it now has 11 teams.

The Southeastern Conference
The SEC is the most powerful, most glamorous and, quite possibly, most successful conference in college football.

The Pacific 10 Conference
The PAC-10 is home to such traditional powers as the University of Southern California as well as up-and-comers such as the University of Oregon.

The Atlantic Coast Conference
After stealing away top programs Virginia Tech and Boston College from the Big East, the ACC has become more competitive than ever.

The Big East Conference
The Big East took a big hit when two of its members bolted for the ACC, but with the rise of programs such as West Virginia, South Florida and Rutgers, this conference is showing surprising resiliency.

The Big 12 Conference
Home to such legendary programs as Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma, the Big XII is steeped in history.

Who Will Win the ACC in 2010 – ACC 2010 Football Preview – 2010 A…
Who emerge with the ACC crown in 2010? Give your take here!

Big 12 Football 2010 Preview - Who Will Win the Big 12 in 2010 - 2010…
Sam Bradford is gone. Colt McCoy is gone. Heck, even X is gone. So who's going to win the Big 12 in 2010? Give your take here!

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