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The Ray Guy Award


Daniel Sepulveda

Daniel Sepulveda, seen here with the Pittsburgh Steelers, won two Ray Guy Awards while playing college ball at Baylor.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images
The Ray Guy Award is handed out each year by the Greater Augusta Sports Council to the most outstanding punter in college football.

The award is named after the great Ray Guy, the only punter ever drafted in the first round of the NFL draft. An All-American during his college career at Southern Mississippi, Guy was also a seven-time Pro Bowler and won three Super Bowls during his career with the Oakland Raiders.

The past winners of the Ray Guy Award are listed here:

2009: Drew Butler Georgia
2008: Matt Fodge Oklahoma State
2007: Durant Brooks Georgia Tech
2006: Daniel Sepulveda Baylor
2005: Ryan Plackemeier Wake Forest
2004: Daniel Sepulveda Baylor
2003: B.J. Sander Ohio State
2002: Mark Mariscal Colorado
2001: Travis Dorsch Purdue
2000: Kevin Stemke Wisconsin

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