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The Harlan Hill Trophy


The Harlan Hill Trophy has been presented each season since 1986 to the best player in college football's Division II.

The award takes its name from Harlan Hill, a standout receiver at Florence State Teachers College (now called the University of North Alabama) who went on to a record-setting career with the NFL's Chicago Bears.

The past winners of the award are listed here.

2009: Joique Bell, Wayne State
2008: Bernard Scott, Abilene Christian
2007: Danny Woodhead, Chadron State
2006: Danny Woodhead, Chadron State
2005: Jimmy Terwilliger, East Stroudsburg
2004: Chad Friehauf, Colorado School of Mines
2003: Will Hall, North Alabama
2002: Curt Anes, Grand Valley State
2001: Dusty Bonner, Valdosta State
2000: Dusty Bonner, Valdosta State
1999: Corte McGuffey, Northern Colorado
1998: Brian Shay, Emporia State
1997: Irvin Sigler, Bloomsburg
1996: Jarrett Anderson, Truman State
1995: Ronald McKinnon, North Alabama
1994: Chris Hatcher, Valdosta State
1993: Roger Graham, New Haven
1992: Ronald Moore, Pittsburg State
1991: Ronnie West, Pittsburg State
1990: Chris Simdorn, North Dakota State
1989: Johnny Bailey, Texas A&M - Kingsville
1988: Johnny Bailey, Texas A&M - Kingsville
1987: Johnny Bailey, Texas A&M - Kingsville
1986: Jeff Bentrim, North Dakota State

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