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The Walter Camp Award


Reggie Bush

USC's Reggie Bush won the Walter Camp Award in 2005.

(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
The Walter Camp Award is given each year by the Walter Camp Football Foundation to the most outstanding player in college football.

The award, and the foundation, is named for Walter Camp, one of the most important figures in the history of American football. As a player, coach and booster, Camp helped establish college football as one of the nation's most popular and enduring sports.

The past winners of the Walter Camp Award are listed here:

2009 Colt McCoy Texas
2008 Colt McCoy Texas
2007 Darren McFadden Arkansas
2006 Troy Smith Ohio State
2005 Reggie Bush USC
2004 Matt Leinart USC
2003 Larry Fitzgerald Pittsburgh
2002 Larry Johnson Penn State
2001 Eric Crouch Nebraska
2000 Josh Heupel Oklahoma
1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin
1998 Ricky Williams Texas
1997 Charles Woodson Michigan
1996 Danny Wuerffel Florida
1995 Eddie George Ohio State
1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado
1993 Charlie Ward Florida State
1992 Gino Torretta Miami
1991 Desmond Howard Michigan
1990 Raghib Ismail Notre Dame
1989 Anthony Thompson Indiana
1988 Barry Sanders Oklahoma State
1987 Tim Brown Notre Dame
1986 Vinny Testaverde Miami
1985 Bo Jackson Auburn
1984 Doug Flutie Boston College
1983 Mike Rozier Nebraska
1982 Herschel Walker Georgia
1981 Marcus Allen USC
1980 Hugh Green Pittsburgh
1979 Charles White USC
1978 Billy Sims Oklahoma
1977 Ken MacAffe Notre Dame
1976 Tony Dorsett Pittsburgh
1975 Archie Griffin Ohio State
1974 Archie Griffin Ohio State
1973 John Cappelletti Penn State
1972 Johnny Rogers Nebraska
1971 Pat Sullivan Auburn
1970 Jim Plunkett Stanford
1969 Steve Owens Oklahoma
1968 O.J. Simpson USC
1967 O.J. Simpson USC

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