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Bowl Games


It is the ultimate reward for any college football team: A bowl trip. These season-ending showcases have been part of the college game for more than a century, and they remain as important today as ever before. Some are big, some are small and some are downright obscure. But for the players who play in the them, and for the fans who travel to them, every bowl game counts.
  1. Bowl Profiles
  2. Bowl History and the BCS
  3. 2010-2011 Bowl Season

Bowl Profiles

Rose Bowl

Read up on the history of some of college football's best bowl games. And some of the most obscure ones, too.

Bowl History and the BCS

Joe Paterno

Find out which college football programs have enjoyed bowl-game success, and find out how the bowls fit into the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

2010-2011 Bowl Season

Cameron Newton

A look back at all of the excitement from the 2010-2011 bowl season.

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