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A Look Ahead: Team Previews for the 2008 Season

Wondering which teams are ready to challenge for the national title in 2008? Here, we preview the teams that figure to be among the nation's best -- and some that may take a step back -- this fall.

2008 Team Preview: Clemson Tigers
The Clemson Tigers have enough talent in 2008 to make a run for their first BCS bowl bid. But are they mentally ready to make the leap?

2008 Team Preview: USC Trojans
Under the leadership of coach Pete Carroll, USC has become the premier program in the country. This year, the talent-laden Trjoans might win yet another national championship -- so long as they can get by Ohio State.

2008 Team Preview: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Notre Dame struggled in 2007, posting a 3-9 record that included several embarrassing losses. The Fighting Irish figure to be better in 2008, but even coach Charlie Weis must know that Notre Dame isn't quite ready for the BCS -- at least not yet.

2008 Team Preview: Michigan Wolverines
The Michigan Wolverines enter the 2008 season with a new coach in Rich Rodriquez--and a whole slew of questions on the offensive side of the ball. Find out why many analysts are predicting a turbulent year in Ann Arbor.

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