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Tim Hyland

What Has Happened to Randy Edsall?

By February 21, 2012

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I'm having a hard time remembering any coach more universally despised than Randy Edsall.

Edsall, who at one point was viewed as something of a savior during his mostly successful tenure at UConn, has not enjoyed quite the same warm-and-fuzzy reception down in College Park, Md. Indeed, it can justifiably be said that Edsall's stay with Maryland has thus far been nothing short of a disaster.

There are myriad reasons, of course.

There was the shameless and gutless manner in which he left UConn.

There is the 2-10 record he delivered in his first season on the job--a season that saw the Terrapins quite unquestionably underachieve, given the talent on hand.

There are all of the players he's managed to run off since taking the job last year.

And most recently, there is the absolutely appalling manner in which he's managed the Danny O'Brien situation.

O'Brien, the former ACC Rookie of the Year who found himself buried on the bench last season, has expressed his willingness to transfer out of College Park. It's hardly a shocking request, given the fact that he appears unlikely to win any playing time under the Edsall regime. But as numerous writers have mentioned in the past few days and weeks, Edsall responded to O'Brien's transfer request with all of the dignity of a petulant 2-year-old having a tantrum.

In short, Edsall says it's perfectly fine for O'Brien to leave. So long as he doesn't transfer to any other school in the ACC (which eliminates Duke, a possible O'Brien destination) ... or Vanderbilt (currently coached by former Terrapins assistant James Franklin, the man that recruited O'Brien to Maryland in the first place).

Now, Maryland doesn't play Vanderbilt any time soon, mind you. So it's not as if O'Brien could come back to haunt Edsall in some non-conference showdown later on down the line.

No, this is just about Edsall being bitter. And insecure. And selfish.

Sadly, it seems that nothing is being done to right this wrong. Though O'Brien has become a sympathetic figure in the media (rightfully so, by the way), and though Franklin has publicly denied that he "tampered" with O'Brien, in hopes of luring his former pupil to Nashville, Edsall seems intent on staying the course with his ridiculous strategy.

Which means, of course, that O'Brien will be blocked from going where he actually wants to go. That the Maryland program will continue to be mismanaged by a man with no sense of public relations at all. And that Edsall will remain the most hated coach in America.

Not that he cares.

Photo: Randy Edsall isn't making many friends at Maryland. (Getty Images)


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